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The Faerie Cloudberry

I did a look today with Evil Shades Spring Faerie Collection and Silk Naturals With a Cherry on Top Spring Collection. I had a lot of fun with the colors

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You and Me and Rainbows

Ok so this is sort of an odd rainbow. I just kind of reached for colors and put them on, playing around. Anyone get the reference for the title? Today

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Rainbow Sherbet

For my look today, I was inspired by Padmita and Temptalia. While my look isn’t exactly like either of theirs, I’m sure you can see how they inspired me to

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Makeup Fail – Until my Readers Proved me Wrong!

Ok, so this is when makeup goes wrong. I was trying to do an unusual rainbow eye and well, this is what happened.

Wednesday Sobe

I tried out some Sobe shadows today and I liked them In-Peached is a great nearly matte highlighter. Sunbeam is a gorgeous yellow shade. I really liked Orchid and Parfait.

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Silk Naturals Safety Flame Vivid Cherry Blossom & Sobe Botanicals

I’m trying out new primers for Lex at Sobe Botanicals, and today is eye primer #3. It softens things up and turns them a bit pastel. It had minimal creasing

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Aromaleigh My Twisted Desire

My look today was done with Rocks, Les Papillons, Hot in the City and En Pointe eye shadows from Aromaleigh. The Rocks and Les Papillons shadows are on sale, 25%

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