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Quick and Easy Blueberry and Cheese Pierogi Recipe

  Since so many of you asked for it, I wanted to share my quick and easy blueberry and cheese pierogi recipe with you. While you can certainly fill pierogies

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Pinterest Smoothie – Pineapple Kale Blueberry Smoothie

Today was a ‘Try a Recipe from Pinterest’ day for lunch. I tried this smoothie recipe called the Pineapple Kale Blueberry Smoothie. It’s supposed to help fight belly fat and

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Blueberry youthH2O Smoothie

I just have to share! I just made the best lunch smoothie ever! It’s very filling. Like the above says I used: 1 bottle of youthH2O – this is PACKED

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Blueberry Smoothie with youthH2O

Today I made my very first smoothie with youthH2O. While I drank it ‘straight up’ last night, I decided to put it into a smoothie after my walk today. I

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Vegan Chocolate Pecan Pie

Many of you emailed to ask about the vegan chocolate pecan pie that I had for Thanksgiving. It’s a recipe from a friend of mine, so it is not my

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Fall Butternut Squash Recipe

Happy Labor Day! I wanted to share this recipe that I tried out this weekend. Ray and I often wing things when we cook. I’ll look at 3 or 4

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Blueberry Cheesecake Cookies

I found this recipe on Pinterest for Blueberry Cheesecake cookies. It was originally from the Inspiration Cafe. Ingredients I Used: 2 boxes of Jiffy Blueberry Muffin Mix 4 oz of

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