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Stars Makeup Haven Lipglosses Review and Swatches

Recently I had the opportunity to try out the Stars Makeup Haven Lipglosses. They have recently changed and improved their customer service, so when asked if I would like to

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Office Look

I wanted to put together an Office professional look for you. I used Stars Makeup Haven’s Ciao Bella (available from All Cosmetics Wholesale) as the main color since it’s enough

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Saturday Night Swatching: Mainstream Comparisons to Indie Shadows

I was talking on twitter with Sparklecrack Central about some MAC comparisons to Indie Shadows, so I ended up swatching a bunch of stuff. Most of the indie stuff is

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Reader Request – Bronze Look

This look is from a Reader Request. One of my lovely readers asked for a look for a wedding that would go with a maroon dress, so this is the

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Friday’s Mail

I received several packages in the mail today! The first, and most anticipated package, was from the lovely Nouveau Cheap and it was a bottle of Sally Hansen Hidden treasure

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Recent Mail & Swatches

I recently got some mail from a couple different places. Let me just say that All Cosmetics Wholesale and Beauty Crunch ship SUPER FAST! I’m really happy with their customer

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Two Friday Looks

I’ve got two looks for you, both from Friday. The first is with Shiro Cosmetics. The second is with Stars Makeup Haven.

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