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Emerald Prancer

Since today was the Garnier Greener Tour Event, I wanted to wear green. I wore Deal With It from Cult Nails Untamed collection on my nails, but I was stumped

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Meow Beachcombing Pegasus

I had an interview yesterday so I wanted a fairly soft look. To achieve that, I played with Meow Beachcombing, but it was actually a big stronger and more golden

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Tons of New Things from Venomous Cosmetics

Venomous Cosmetics has released a TON of new collections! Have you seen them yet? I LOVE that Tracy created a Dr. Seuss inspired collection! The colors that catch my eye:

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What’s in My Bag?

Several of you have emailed me asking me to do a ‘What’s in My Bag’ post, so here’s what I have in my bag this week, as well which bag

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Lava Pink

Yesterday I went to see the Hunger Games movie! It was so good! I got very excited during the previews because of the upcoming Avengers movie, as well as Snow

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March Central Florida Beauty Bloggers Meetup Sponsored Items

I wanted to share with you the awesome items that I received from our generous sponsors at the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers Meetup this month. Venomous Cosmetics sent me several

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March Central Florida Beauty Bloggers Meetup at Cafe Tutu Tango

Yesterday Judi, Dave and I went to the Central Florida Beauty Blogger’s Meetup at Cafe Tutu Tango in Orlando. It was organized by the lovely Brittany of Clumps of Mascara.

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